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  • ECMWF is the World's best 10-day
    weather forecast model

    • Lower 48 U.S. states
    • Point data tables
      • Precip grouped by rain, snow or ice
      • And storm totals for each type
      • Set location presets for easy access
    • 0.100° (~9km) Resolution
    • 153 map types and growing; including:
      • Temperatures
      • Precipitation
      • CAPE, CIN, Helicity, VGP, EHI
      • Wind Shear & Vorticity
      • Advection & Convergence
      • Q-Vectors & Frontogenesis
      • Snowfall & Icing
      • Winds & Temps Aloft
      • Dew Points & Humidity
      • Severe & Tornado Indices
      • Travel Concerns
      • Cloud Cover & Much more!
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  • Current Northern Lights Status

    We want all 3 points in our numbered list below to be in a red font in order to assume there are good visible auroras occuring right now (in MN).
    Bz & Solar Wind update every minute. Kp updates every 5 minutes, forecasts every 15 minutes. Hit Refresh for updated data.

    Current Northern Lights Conditions:
    1. Kp: 4.67 [want 5+ in MN. See map]
    2. Bz: -5.0 nT [want < -3]
    3. Solar Wind: 669.1 km s-1 [want > 550]

    - Moonset
    - Infrared Satellite
    - Current Moon Phase

    Short term Kp Forecast**:

    • Kp at 09:30Z is expected to be 5.00
    • Kp at 09:45Z is expected to be 4.00
    • Kp at 10:00Z is expected to be 4.00
    • Kp at 10:15Z is expected to be 4.33

      --- 4 Hour Forecast ---
    • Kp at 13:15Z is expected to be 5.67

    Click for Planetary K Index
    Click for Latest Image

    ** The Wing Kp Geomag Activity Index updates every 15 minutes with a short term forecast which is useful for determining what the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) activity may be like over the next hour or so. It is also useful to anticipate a short term trend in activity from whatever it is currently at. This data is prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA & Space Weather Prediction Center. However, I did take the liberty to skew the forecast numbers by initializing off the latest observation when the observation and first forecast a few minutes away don't match up. So only the forecasted trend is utilized and applied to the latest observation. This method seems more accurate.

  • Cloud cover forecasts from various models valid during the 2017 Eclipse Monday August 21st.
    We will update these forecast graphics a couple times per day. Click image to enlarge.

    GFS Ensemble
    GEM Ensemble

        Forecast Interpretation:

        > OR: CLEAR
        > ID: CLEAR